Preparing for an Office Fit-out – A Worksheet

Worksheet: Preparing for an office fit-out 

There can be lots to consider with a project such as this, so we have cre8ted an easy-to-follow guide to help you plan and prepare. By completing each section you will cover the key areas and have a clear plan to discuss with your project manager.

1. Add up the total number of staff and business personnel that currently use or visit the premises. Then, in line with the business plan, consider how these needs may increase with growth.


a How many work in open plan space
b How many require private office space
c Are there any specific job / task requirements



a What provision is needed for additional staff
b Will any additional private offices be needed
c Could this change or increase in the future

2. What facilities do you currently provide? Please include details of meeting spaces, breakout areas, comfort & catering spaces and functional areas. With any additional provision in mind, list what will be needed in the new space.


Type of space Current Future
a Number of meeting rooms
b Informal meeting areas
c Collaboration spaces
d Dedicated print / Utility areas
e Staff breakout / Welfare spaces


For the last one (e), please list all the equipment that will be needed in this area.


Item Yes / No / Maybe
Coffee machine
Chilled water
Fruit bowl / Snacks
Boiling water tap


3. What is your current IT provision?


a Type of data cabling (CAT 5E or CAT 6)
b No of points per user
c No of points for printers etc
d Wi-Fi
e In desk / On desk power & data
f Audio-Visual connectivity
g Screens / TV’s for presentations / staff areas
h Secure comms room


Using the table below, please list the corresponding improvements that could be made to your IT provision:




4. Do you have any specific security requirements and if so, what are they?


b Security Alarm
c Access Control
d Other


5. Do any of the following spaces need air conditioning or ventilation?


a Open plan area(s)
b Offices
c Meeting room(s)
d Comms room
e Other


6. Does the lighting need to be improved in any of the following spaces?


a Open plan area(s)
b Offices
c Meeting room(s)
d Break-out space
e Other


7. Please consider and complete the following for planning any decorative treatments / features that will be required:


a How would you describe your brand and company ethos
b Are there any key colours to be incorporated
c What flooring / finishes are required
d What wall treatments / finishes are required
e Will there be any requirements for displaying corporate branding or  messaging
f Any other considerations / desirables


Are there any other points you would like to make us aware of at this stage?



Thank you for taking the time to read and complete this worksheet. This will offer a valuable reference point for initial discussions, and the opportunity to revisit details as plans are being finalised.  If you would like a copy to print, please contact us.

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