Furniture: Top 10 Tips

If you are considering purchasing new office furniture, there is a lot to think about!  Our list of tips and things to consider below will help you make the right choice.

1.  Work with an experienced space planner to ensure the furniture you like will fit!  This may seem obvious, however space can be deceptive.  Scale drawings are essential in ensuring your layout will work.

2.  Think about how your business functions.  Work flow needs to considered as well as team adjacencies when planning the office and selecting the right furniture.

3.  Consider your staff’s welfare.  The right working chairs can make the difference between staff sitting comfortably OR suffering from existing or new back and neck problems.

4.  Do your staff need or want to sit down all day?  Height adjustable desks offer ultimate flexibility and allow staff to work in a position that suits them.

5.  Would flexible working suit your business?  There is a big rise in offering not just traditional hot desking areas but flexible break out areas where staff can meet and work as well as take a break.

6.  What do you want your furniture to say about your business?  Are you looking for something traditional to reflect your companies image or modern?

7.   How do you store data?  If your business is paperless, storage will not be a high priority for you.  If however your business has a need or legal requirement to store paperwork, space efficient storage is a must.

8.  Budget over quality.  The market is awash with ‘budget’ office furniture and seating, however this is rarely built to commercial standards.  Make sure the furniture you select will last and offer a good warranty.

9.  Where do you meet your clients and staff.  Meeting space does not have to be the traditional boardroom, there are lots of options of flexible furniture to create different environments depending on the meeting.

10.  Own or rent?  Many companies no longer choose to purchase furniture and seating outright but to lease or rent it for between 2 and five years much like they do with software, printers and vehicles.


If you are considering an office relocation, refurbishment or replacing your office furniture ask yourself these questions to help you identify what it is your business needs.  It will help you make a shortlist of requirements for your space and a better feel for how the space needs to work for you.


We are here to help you navigate the myriad of products in the market place and help you to source the right furniture and seating for your business.

Providing a great work environment for your business does not need to cost the earth, or create a cash-flow problem for your business either.  We specialise in cost conscious creative office interiors.  We can offer finance options through a partner to help spread the cost.  Try the finance calculator on our home page to see how this could work for your business.  Get in touch by filling out the contact form below.  Let’s talk about how we can work with you to inspire and motivate your team and ensure your business image is reflected in your premises.

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