Cyber Essentials Certified

We treat our customers data with the utmost care, so in addition to our GDPR compliancy, we are pleased to say we are also Cyber Essentials accredited.  Why is this important?  Simply by being a Cyber Essentials certified business our cyber risk is reduced by up to 98.5%.

Why is this important for a design and build business carrying out office design, fit out and refurbishment?

This protection extends to all of our valued customers and business partners, as they know any data or information that we hold is safe and that as a business we are protecting us and them against cyber attack and possible data breaches as a result.

For our customers with increased security demands it is even more critical that they know they are partnering a business that takes cyber security seriously.  We work with businesses with a range of security needs and classifications in varying sectors such as defence, aerospace, software and programming – many of whom not only need to ensure their chosen partner is secure but often need to be able to demonstrate this to an end user, such as the MOD or a banking institution.

We have an enviable track record for carrying out well designed, user friendly and attractive fit out projects for all our customers, across multiple business sectors.  In addition we have the experience and ability to provide LISTX secure rooms and facilities with full CIDA accredited infrastructure to customers with enhanced security requirements.  It makes sense that we would also ensure that our own systems and practices are compliant and keep us and our customers safe from cyber attack.

Cyber Essentials is the UK government certification and in our view should be the minimum level of cybersecure compliance for any business.

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