Not just office fit out, but secure LISTX office fit out and CIDA accredited cabling installations…

Working with organisations in a number of markets to provide secure facilities is one of our specialities.  We are experienced in fitting out premises to meet LISTX physical and cyber security standards and can also provide CIDA accredited cabling installations.  We work with customers in many sectors requiring enhanced security around their whole facility or part of it’s premises.  Defence, defence affiliated/supply businesses, banking, software, cyber security, data storage and software businesses are just a few who often need added protection to comply with their investors, accreditors or governing bodies requirements.

How LISTX is achieved varies form site to site so a meeting to discuss the physical and cyber security levels required is crucial to ensure the design and build will fulfil the customers needs.  We are able to incorporate secure physical construction methods,  specialist doors and locks, fibre optic networks, access control systems including pin code, iris and fingerprint recognition, CCTV, alarm systems, communication control measures and secure communication services as a few examples.

In addition to our in house experience and expertise, where the highest levels of security are required we work with a globally recognised defence partner who can advise, specify and accredit installations and builds.  We assure all of our LISTX customers receive not only excellent service and quality but also the highest levels of confidentiality.  If you would like to discuss your project, please get in touch with Stevette Potts directly to ensure complete discretion [email protected] 07715528890.

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