Another Happy Customer


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your skill and hard work on the Swindon Stella Project for Ribbon.

The team moved in two and a half months ago and are really happy. Unusually for Ribbon we have not needed to call you back for any corrections or repairs.

The space was initially handed over to you in a “less than ideal” state by the previous out-going tenant, the timeline was very fluid and the exact work needed to get the space ready was unclear for quite some time. Despite these issues, your electricians, plumbers, joiners and decorators have delivered a space on time and crucially, on budget. The edges are crisp, the doors fit well, the decoration and finish are truly excellent. We were especially pleased that you were able to repurpose so many of the materials from the strip out, this aligned with our own Sustainable Philosophy.

We had to rely upon your experience to design a solution for the janitor closet water waste, routing extensive copper and fibre network to the IT room and deliver a dual use kitchenette where the team can prepare lunches or beverages and also relax with their team playing games and discussing solutions away from their desks.

The only issue we have with our new office is that the works you did stand out, works in the shared spaces completed by others look a little scruffy in comparison with mitre cuts poorly fitting and careless/inattentive decorators works

I trust Ribbon can call upon you again………when we next have an office which requires your design and fit out skills?

Thanks again

Brian P. W. Green
Global Sustainability and Real Estate

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